Get a free subscription to Carib-Market: Post unlimited number of ads during a month !

What’s new:
Since 12th February, I have introduced paid ads on Carib-Market. This will allow me to reduce sinvest in better hosting (faster website) and Google advertising. The result for you will be that your ads will gain more visibility online.

One price per ad
While some newspaper charge you 10$ per week for an ad with text. You can post ads on Carib-Market with a duration of 90 days for 5$ only.
Important: Ads will be automatically approved. Payments can be done via Paypal

Subscriptions – Unlimited number of ads !
You can also subscribe to the site for 9$ per month or 99$ per year. This subscription will allow you to post an unlimited number of ads during 30 days or 1 year.  Payments can be done via Paypal




Please send me an email and win a 30 days subscription to Carib-Market !

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