You have something to publish on Carib-Market and you are looking for ways to make it as successful as possible. One powerful little classified ad can make you a fortune! Here are 3 tips for great classifieds ads.

Before we dig into the tips, here are some funny ads that you should probably not replicate.

Soccerball signed by Pele
Soccerball signed by Pele or Peter
Surgeon Wanted, bring your own tools
Ad for a Surgeon
Hit by a tomato in the 50s?
Hit by a tomato in the 50s ?

You are not planning to replicate the ads above.

Writing great ad copy may be an art form, but it’s an art that can be easily learned with a little guidance and a little practice.

So stop wasting your time writing useless weak ads. You can write powerful ad copy every time if you will follow three simple rules.

  • Rule #1 The headline of your ad must catch the reader’s attention instantly. Surfers scan ads at near the speed of light and your ad is competing with a lot of other ads and information for their attention. The headline of your ad must bring that surfer to a screeching halt.
  • Rule #2 The body of your ad must not only hold the reader’s attention, it should get the reader excited about your product or service. You want your visitors eager and ready buy your product or service before they reach your site.
  • Rule #3 The ad must target potential customers for your product or service. What’s called a blind ad may draw a lot of visitors to your site, but few will buy, and we are looking for buyers, not “tire kickers.” Right?



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