2 level Commercial space

“2 level Commercial space”


Located at #1 Front Street, this commercial unit is a 2 level property with views from the upper level of Great Bay Beach with access to the boardwalk from the ground floor. The property is located behind Diamond Casino  and is just a few minutes’ walk from Holland House Hotel, St. Rose Arcade, Court House, Notary Offices, Banks, Government Offices, Beach, Restaurants, Shopping, Casinos, Marinas, and so much more.   

For decades Front Street has been recognized as one of the busiest shopping streets in the entire Caribbean.  This is the main street in the downtown capital city of Philipsburg, home to one of the most vibrant cruise ports in the world.  Traditionally this has been a town where business owners have thrived off of the arrival of thousands of cruise passengers on a daily basis.  In the wake of the new post pandemic economy, Philipsburg is currently in the process of reinventing itself.  What was once a street filled with mom and pop jewelry stores is now becoming a much more diversified shopping and entertainment town that will not only continue to cater to cruise passengers but also to locals and hotel guests. 


For more information contact:


Cherise Bowman

+ 721 556 2111


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